About the company

EuroAgentur Hotels & Travel, Inc. operates the largest Czech hotel chain and has been in the tourism market and hotel industry more than 25 years. 40 hotels and resorts under the brand EA Hotels can be found in the most attractive business and tourist locations in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and the Russian Federation.

EuroAgentur Hotels & Travel provides complete service associated with incoming and domestic tourism and hotel services. During its tenure has repeatedly won the most prestigious awards given by the experts and the public in the area of services in tourism and hospitality.

At the same time it is a long-term active member of the Chamber of Commerce and a member of professional associations of the Czech Republic. It is involved in the direct presentation of the Czech Republic abroad.

Organisations we belong to:

Asociace hotelů a restaurací České republiky (AHR) Assotiation of Travel Agencies in the Czech Republic
Asociace cestovních kanceláří ČR (ACK/ČR)
Czech association of the hotels and restaurants
Sdružení korektního podnikání Association of correct business
Střední podnikatelský stav Medium Business Enterpreneurs Association
British Chamber of Commerce, Czech Republic