Hotel consultancy

Over 25 years of operating hotels has placed EuroAgentur Hotels & Travel in a leading position in terms of consultancy and partnership in the field of the hotel and travel business. If you are contemplating whether to rent or buy a hotel, whether the investments in its operation are optimal and how viable its profitability is, we are able to advise you with all of this.

We specialise not only in initial investments, but also in effective management and the daily running of hotels. We offer a range of ways of running and co-operating in the optimal operation of a hotel. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we'll be happy to help you also in the case that you are no longer interested in running your hotel, or are seeking a suitable operator.

EuroAgentur Franchising

Franchising is the most frequent and popular method of co-operation between commercial subjects who on the path do business success have decided to conclude a partnership with someone who is recognised on the market, who has a good reputation, a respected brand and furthermore will be willing and able to share their business experience, contacts and privileged supplier contracts with you. EuroAgentur has been working very hard on its know-how for several years, and as a result we are now in a position to be able to offer our experience also to our partners.

To have your own incoming travel agency, reservations programme, own marketing department for promotion, to take part in prestigious international trade fairs at which suppliers of goods and services will compete to present better offers and all kinds of advantages... Can your hotel afford to do all this? Believe us that it can, and precisely thanks to EuroAgentur Franchising this is the simplest way to enter this world.

EuroAgentur Management contract

This type of co-operation is suitable for all hoteliers and owners of accommodation facilities who are either starting in the business or wish to leave the full responsibility with daily cares in managing the operation to a professional who has not only more experience, but also the backing of a strong company. Thanks to its know-how, this company will first of all assess and subsequently configure the most advantageous strategy, which will bring about the optimal and most effective economic result for the hotel.

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