We support Radost

Doing a good deed always makes us feel good. It's now been a few years since we were first enthused by the charitable organisation Radost, operating a children's home of the same name in Prague. A good deed at Radost brings a genuine and visible smile where it's needed most, on children's faces. Especially for those who previously had little to smile about. We hope to make this a reality, and children will benefit not only from financial gifts, contributed to by our employees, but also from residential stays in EA Hotels.

If you want to join those who bring smiles where they're most needed, then you can help according to your possibilities, either in the form of a gift or a financial contribution. The account number of the charitable organisation Radost is 111777111/0600, IBAN: CZ6906000000000111777111, SWIFT / BIC: AGBACZPP.

More information about the Radost association is available on the website radost-ops.cz.