How to redeem the points

You can obtain points only by staying at EA Hotels listed below.
The acquired points can be redeemed according to the following table (number of points needed to get one night free in one of EA Hotels):

Hotel Number
of points
Hotel Number
of points
Hotel Number
of points
Ramada Prague City Centre 460 EA Hotel Royal Esprit 360 EA Hotel Populus 210
Ramada Airport Prague 360 EA Hotel Embassy Prague 390 EA Hotel Elefant 370
EA Hotel Rokoko 450 EA Hotel Jasmín 140 EA Hotel Esplanade 400
EA Hotel Juliš 450 EA Hotel Tosca 250 EA Hotel Mozart 400
EA Hotel Crystal Palace 320 EA Hotel Jelení dvůr Prague Castle 290 EA Hotel Downtown 350
EA Business Hotel Jihlava 280 EA Hotel Na Jezeře 330 EA Hotel Mánes 320
EA Hotel Tereziánský dvůr 380 EA Zámecký hotel Hrubá Skála 400 EA Hotel Sonata 320
EA Hotel Jessenius 480 EA Horský hotel Hájenka 350

Another possibility to exercising of points:

Benefit Počet bodů
EA Hotels - towel 40
EA Hotels - bath towel 70
EA Hotels - umbrella 100
EA Hotels - bathrobe 110
1 day parking at the hotel Embassy Prague or Tosca 120
1 day parking at the hotel Ramada Prague City Centre, Julis or Rokoko 130
1 day parking at the hotel Downtown, Sonata or Crystal Palace 130
Voucher for wellness in Prague in the value of 800 CZK 161
Accommodation voucher worth 1000 CZK 201
Accommodation voucher worth 2000 CZK 401
Accommodation voucher worth 3000 CZK 601
Accommodation voucher worth 5000 CZK 1001

If you want to redeem your loyalty points for any services above, please send your request to e-mail address:

BENEFIT gifts are distributed free of charge within the Czech Republic.

Delivery abroad will be charged according to the current Czech Post Price List.

Clients from abroad can also apply in advance (at least 3 working days) on for the Benefit gift to be delivered to the hotel reception during the next reservation in one of EA Hotels.

Thank you and look forward to seeing you in our hotels

Important! Each point in EA BENEFIT Program is valid for 24 months since gaining it. If the points are not redeemed by this limit, they expire without compensation.