Sumava Mountains

Sumava region is one of the most visited tourist places in the Czech Republic. It is a region full of natural beauties and opportunities for active rest and relaxation. In summer, Sumava offers hiking and cycling possibilities, in winter skiing and snowboarding. Especially for winter sports the region is a treasure - there are many ski resorts such as Modrava, Zelezna Ruda, Kubova Hut or Zadov - Churanov ski resort.

If you decide to visit Sumava, you will find many accommodation possibilities. Especially hotels in the ski resorts such as Modrava - Filipova Hut offer a wide range of services and therefore Sumava should provide you with real rest and relaxation.

EA Mountain hotel Hajenka

EA Mountain hotel Hajenka*** is found in the exceptionally beautiful surroundings of Central Šumava in the highest settlement in Šumava, Filipova Huť between the communities of Modrava and Kvilda.

EA Apartments Na Filipce

Low-energy apartments fitted with the most up-to-date technology. The apartments are designed as separate living spaces.