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For a perfect relaxation we have prepared procedures which will certainly achieve this goal.

If you wish, we can provide a paraffin wrap, we will make your blood suply  better through hydrotherapy or  with help from an experienced masseuse or masseur  you will loosen your tight muscles one by one.

Bubble bath

Gentle massage of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, which is caused by the flow of compressed air.

Bubble bath offers you a pleasant rest and relaxation,it  helps with pain and health problems of various kinds.

What are the effects of the bubble bath?

  • regenerates strained and tired muscles
  • removes cellulite
  • improves blood circulation
  • reduces stress
  • strengthens the body immunity
  • helps with sleep disorders
  • activates metabolism
  • helps the pain of joints and spine
  • creates an ideal microclimate for relaxation

Hydromassage bath

Hydromassage treatment belongs to the treatments with mechanical action (water massage treatments).

Using this procedure, you can relax completely, you can relieve your tension and stress throughout the body and soul.

What are the effects of the hydromassage bath?

  • improves blood circulation
  • helps the pain
  • regenerates strained and tired muscles
  • activates metabolism

Relaxation bath

It is a procedure that takes place in a special bath impregnated with water at a temperature of approximately 35-37 ° C with additives. Inhalation of herbal ingredients that dissolve in the bath has relaxing effects.

Paraffin wraps

The Parafin wraps have a beneficial effect on the whole body - you feel relaxed. The effect is quick and a high and immediate cosmetic effect appears immediately-  your skin is as smooth as velvet.


Massage is a therapy that may be applying pressure on the muscles and tissues to heal wounds, relieve pain and stress, to improve blood circulation and relieve tension.


For total relaxation, you can enjoy relaxing moments in the sauna in the EA Wellness Hotel Lužan****