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Fitness centre

The new top-class fitness centre of EA Wellness Hotel Lužan**** is accessible by outside hotel lift. It is equipped with the latest exercise equipment, cardio zone and under the guidance of professional staff. Fitness centre is divided into two parts.

In cardio zone you´ll find

  • treadmills
  • Orbitreks
  • Upright bikes
  • Special set of tools for cardio training

In second part

Complete myriad of fitness equipment for all body parts with possibility of adjustment of load using conventional discs.

The machines are suitable for both beginners and advanced. In the gym you can gain muscle mass, lose excess weight or generally acquire power.


  • Modernly equipped gym
  • Training plans
  • Coaches
  • Dietary programs, nutrition
  • Bar full of excellent drinks and goodies
  • Carbohydrate and Protein Beverage
  • Stimulants and energizers
  • Weight loss
  • Protein and muesli bars
  • Ionic drinks and much more

We recommend that you use the services of our professional trainers who will properly motivate you and set a faster track to meet your goals.

Admission 50 CZK (approx. 2€)