EA Hotel Praha Trenčianské Teplice

EA Hotel Praha Trenčianské Teplice starstarstar

17. Novembra 7, 914 51 Trenčianske Teplice (map)
48°54'34.62"N   18°10'28.34"E

+420 271 090 832

+421 326 552 020

An elegant spa hotel situated in the heart of Trenčianske Teplice offers accommodation and relaxation for the spa guests, tourists, families and business travelers. Our hotel is situated near the main spa center and close to the majestic park. The hotel underwent extensive reconstruction in 2005. The two guesthouses standing side by side connected by a middle glass section make a foundation for the family oriented EA Hotel Praha***. There is an elevator overlooking the park with The Swans Lake, reception and a restaurant with a terrace, in the glass corridor section.
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Hotel properties

  • All 20 rooms with 47 beds offer a high standard accommodation in large double rooms and suites. The view of the city, Spa Park and wooded hills add to an already relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. The other side hotel view shows a well-maintained forest.
  • The hotel restaurant serves breakfast in two places and a terrace; there is a possibility for you to order half or all-inclusive catering service.
  • A large wellness center with three saunas, swimming pool and a whirlpool for up to five people is available on the premises.
  • Air-conditioned conference room on the second floor is designed to accommodate corporate and private events for up to 24 people; complete catering facilities included.
  • There is a sufficient amount of guarded parking spaces available in front of the hotel. The hotel has a wheelchair accessible entrance.


  • We provide access to the spa houses for various preventive or medical spa treatments located close to the hotel. Some are available directly in the adjacent building, the other ones approximately 150 meters from the hotel. Spas provide prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders with the support of a unique thermal mineral water.


  • Engineer architect Miroslav Marko is the author of a reconstruction project of the former guesthouse Vila Prague,( later renamed Villa Antal, after that Detva pension) and a second object Hermann villa, (Hviezdoslav guesthouse later). After the restoration in 2005, the hotel returned to its original name Hotel Prague. By combining the two original guesthouses, with a central glass corridor and a small bridge across the stream Teplička, the author created a highly original piece of architectural work.
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