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History of the building

Třebíč – Jewish houses on Podklášteří – street Blahoslavova 23

The Jewish Quarter of Trebic together with the St. Procopius Basilica was placed on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List on 3rd July 2003. The complex of buildings on Blahoslavova 23 became an official cultural monument of the town in 2007.
The unique Jewish quarter is very typical for a Jewish ghetto in Moravia -with dense housing, narrow isles, dark corners and vaulted passages. Narrow tortuous streets of ghetto with arch buttresses separate dense blocks of two-floored houses. The original Baroque building in Blahoslavova street exhibiting a complex layout with entrances at different levels was a typical ghetto feature known as condominium, which means a house divided both horizontally and vertically into several parts belonging to different owners.

In the Baroque part of the bulding there are vaults with lunettes, old staircase, stone cellar carved in a rock and the Jewish ritual bath Mikve, all well preserved. Mikve is used for the purpose of ritual immersion in Judaism. Traditionally, the mikveh was used by both men and women to regain ritual purity after various events before Sabbath, after periods, before wedding and after childbirth. The big reconstruction was made in the complex in the years 2009-2010 and the arrangement of the hotel rooms and communal facilities keeps historical spirit and the former disposition of the buildings.
Now the complex of buildings serves as hotel. It is possible to see the old part of the complex- ground floor – where vaults with lunettes, old staircase, stone cellar carved in a rock and the Jewish ritual bath Mikve are located. The excursion is to be agreed with the info centre of Trebic.