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Conference facilities

Conference and social areas of EA Hotel Joseph 1699**** are located in two parts of the hotel complex and have separate entrances.

Unique meeting area of a small lounge for up to 20 people is situated in the lower historical part of the hotel with preserved mikveh - bath used for the purpose of ritual immersion in Judaism. To the lounge belongs a buffet room with an original rock wall from which water springs continuously. The lounge is equipped with LCD television and offers maximum of comfort and quiet environment for holding conferences.

The second social-conference room is a dining room with an adjacent bar which serves as a hotel breakfast room. This cosy room is equipped with LCD television, wieldy furniture and cosy padded armchairs with high backrest suitable for comfortable long sitting.

Capacity - number of persons

 m2 w x l x hTheatreSchoolU-I shapeBanquetBuffet
Dining room + bar 60 6 x 9 x 2,9 55 35 18 45 55
Lounge with mikveh + rock buffet room 36 4,5 x 8 x 2,7 35 24 12 27 35

( š x d x v = width x length x height in metres)

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