EA Hotel Esplanade II

EA Hotel Esplanade II starstarstar

Stara Louka 4, 360 01 Karlovy Vary (map)
50°13'20.28"N   12°52'54.57"E

+420 271 090 837

+420 353 436 111

EA Hotel Esplanade II*** situated close to the Carlsbad spring Vřídlo offers its guests comfortable accommodation in pleasantly furnished rooms. EA Hotel Esplanade II*** does not dispose of catering premises and own in-house spa therapy facilities and his guests can use restaurant and spa procedures of EA Hotel Jessenius*** (cca 100 m).
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0/-7 °C -1/-1 °C 2/0 °C

Hotel properties

  • The guests can take an advantage of the location of the hotels to the spring that makes it comfortable for them to follow the drinking cure as the basis of spa treatment.
  • In EA Hotel Jessenuis*** our guests can take advantage of numerous procedures and curative methods such as drinking cure, diet meals, massages, electro-therapy, thermo-therapy, inhalation or favourite mineral baths. Our guests can use services of a hotel doctor who, after a medical examination, suggests a complete curative treatment.
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