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Special offers

3-day Spring Romance in Sychrov

Price 4080 CZK (approx. 151€) for 2 persons/ 2 nights

A night for your darling

3650 CZK (approx. 135€) for 2 people for one night

3-day Package on Request

Price 4200 CZK (approx. 156€) for 2 persons/ 2 nights

3-day pampering stay (Sychrov)

Price 6940 CZK (approx. 257€) for 2 persons and 2 nights

3-day stay – Two chateaux in one package

Combined stay at EA Chateau Hotels Hrubá Skála and Sychrov. Now only at 5570 CZK (approx. 206€)

3-day Summer Romance in Sychrov

Price 4150 CZK (approx. 154€) for 2 persons/ 2 nights

3-day Family Relax

Price 4280 CZK (approx. 159€) for 2 adults and 2 children under 12 years (2 nights)

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