Bratislava (Slovakia)

Though Bratislava belongs to the youngest capital cities in Europe, it has a rich history. It stretches on both banks of Danube River and it combines the beauty of history with the maturity of present times. This contrast underlines the atmosphere of the place, making it unique and imposing.

Modern buildings make stand out the historical dominants such as the Bratislava Castle, Slavin Monument, Academia Istropolitana building, Devin Castle or evangelic lyceum. The mixture of cultures and different nationalities influenced the habits, traditions and city life of the city.

Thousands of tourists arrive to Bratislava each year. There many enticements which attract the coming tourists: the magic of narrow, tortuous streets with breathtaking buildings and palaces, stylish restaurants serving delicious meals, walks on the banks of Danube with picturesque little cafés, precious museum exhibitions, cultural events or modern life of this Central European city. Hotels in Bratislava offer comfort to everyone; one of them is our Art Hotel William, luxurious Art Deco hotel.

Art Hotel William

New modern hotel located in the centre of Bratislava.