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Central Passage

sushi bar


Becoming an „itamae“ – a master of sushi preparation - will take you a number of years of practice. Becoming a customer of this healthy and delicate food in our sushi bar is simple - just take a few seconds to sit in the comfortable chairs or taste your portion of sushi as the real Japanese do sitting on a mat. Masterful skills of the chef and a range of a number of kinds of sushi including a vegetarian menu are attractive for every visitor to the passage. The weekend menu for the entire family are also another well-loved attraction.



The café offers comfortable seating while enjoying a sip of Nespresso coffee. This Nicaraguan coffee is grown in volcanic soils near the Jinotega region, breathing the air from damp wild forests located between lakes. This brand offers a total of six different coffee mixes - Espresso Leggero, Espresso Forte, Ristretto, Caffé Forte, Caffé Leggero and Decaffeinato. The unique taste of Nespresso and delicious desserts attract all of our guests who want to relax in the pleasant atmosphere of the café.

wine shop


The wine shop in the passage is a wonderful place for those who are connected by a love of wine. The range of wines offered is diverse and is for both the most demanding connoisseurs who seek only the best quality wines and for everyday customers who prefer an accessible price. White and red wine as well as champagne; if you are organising a wine tasting or want to meet with a group of friends in the cosy atmosphere of a wine shop featuring wines from across the world, you will not be disappointed.



The hotel restaurant Canteen is located at  -1. floor of the hotel.
From 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. there serves breakfast for our hotel guests.
At the time from 11:00 a.m. to 15:00 p.m. during working days are offered in 4 types of daily menu focused on Slovak cuisine.