Prague attractions

Date: 18.05.2009

Petřín labyrinth reminds a miniature castle, as it was inspired by the gothic gateway with 9 towers, that was formely situated at Vyšehrad. The pavilion dating from 1891 houses an 18m-long panorama depicting the battle between Prague's students and the Swedish on Charles Bridge in 1648. We recommend you to pass through the Hall of Mirrors at the entrance, and you will reach the Hall of Laughter lined with 14 convex and concave reflectiondistorting mirrors. We are sure that even though it is not huge, the hall with distorting mirrors will certainly catch your attention and make you laugh like crazy.

Petřínské bludiště  Petřínské bludiště  Petřínské bludiště  Petřínské bludiště


The Žižkovská television tower is the highest Prague tower (216 meters high) and it is also an observation tower. The observation platform is situated 93 meters high, 27 meters below the platform there is a restaurant. From the height of 93 m it is possible to view the capital Prague and the major part of Bohemia. On a clear day you can see as far as 100 km. The tower was built between years 1985 and 1992, technically it is a unique building. In the year 2000 a dozen statues of huge black babies were put up on the tower as an unusual art decoration.

Žižkovská televizní věž  Žižkovská televizní věž  Žižkovská televizní věž  Žižkovská televizní věž


The tram line No. 91 offers you an unforgettable nostalgic ride through Prague with historical tram vehicles almost 100 year old. During weekends and public holidays from March to November you can enjoy the route through the city centre, where you can view the Prague Castle, Belvedere, National Theatre, Wenceslas square, square of Republic, the river Vltava and Fair ground Holešovice with the huge park behind it.

Historická tramvaj č. 91  Historická tramvaj č. 91  Historická tramvaj č. 91  Historická tramvaj č. 91


On the east bank of the Vltava, not far from the city centre there is a multi-functional center for sports and free-time activities for all age groups. This riverside recreational area (O2 Žluté lázně) offers a large beach for bathers unafraid of taking a dip in the river, plus a children's pool and pedalboat rental. Other attractions include beach volleyball courts, a three-on-three football cage, a climbing wall, table-tennis tables, outdoor chess and a pétanque area. There's also a restaurant and beer garden.

Areál O2 Žlutých lázní  Areál O2 Žlutých lázní  Areál O2 Žlutých lázní  Areál O2 Žlutých lázní