Spring break to Prague - Easter



Spring is one of the best times to enjoy a break in Prague. The city's trees are in blossom, and people are busy preparing for the traditional spring festivities. Prague's parks and squares fill with Easter markets. The Prague Easter markets start on Saturday 24th March and finish on Sunday 15th April. The opening hours are from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., during weekdays till 8 p.m.

The Easter markets which take place on the Old Town Square have a centuries-long tradition and include many cultural events and performances by folk ensembles from across the nation. Wenceslas Square was once old Prague's main marketplace, but today it only serves this purpose at special times of the year such as Easter.

pomlázkaAt Easter markets you will definitely see people decorating so-called ‘kraslice' (painted Easter eggs decorated using a variety of techniques) and other folk traditions and handicrafts such as ‘pomlázka' weaving (a whip made of willow branches), glass production, wood carving and traditional lace making. The hand-painted or otherwise decorated egg (kraslice) is the most recognizable symbol of Czech Easter. Girls decorate Easter eggs to give them to boys on Easter Monday.

An Easter pomlázka is a braided whip made from pussywillow twigs. It has been used for centuries by boys who go caroling on Easter Monday and symbolically whip girls on the legs. On Easter Monday (Pondělí velikonoční) boys would whip girls lightly on the legs and possibly douse them with water, which had a similar symbolic meaning. An Easter carol, usually asking for an egg or two, would be recited by the boy while whipping. The girl would then reward the boy with a painted egg or candy and tie a ribbon around his pomlázka.

Staying in one of our hotels in Prague centre gives you the possibility to experience the traditions very close, may be straight from your window.

Services in churches across the country and concerts of church music will remind you of the other face of Easter.

The Easter Festival of Religious Music takes place in Prague and Brno. In some castles as Křivoklát and Sychrov you can see a theatre performance of Easter.

Easter in Prague