Fascinating exhibitions in the Czech Republic

Date: 13.11.2008

In this magical autumn period, we would like to invite you to visit some very interesting exhibitions, currently held in Prague and Brno, providing a sensational and unforgettable experience.

1000 years of Inca gold - The curse of the gold

1000 years of Inka gold - The curse og the goldGet to know the ancient Inka culture through this original exhibition called „1000 years of Inca gold - The curse of the gold". You will be dazzled by 90 original golden exhibits from the Museo de Oro in Lima, Peru which form the highlights of the exhibition. The exhibition is open till May 31, 2009 at Prague Castle.


Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da VinciDo you know the music of Leonardo da Vinci? No? Then don't miss the exhibition where, while walking and admiring his exceptional inventions, you will be accompanied by Da Vinci's music, surprising everyone with its originality. You can see the fascinating inventions and drafts of this great artist at Wenceslas Square in Rapid Palace. The exhibition is held from October 4, 2008 

Tutankhamun  - His tomb and treasuresTutanchamon - His tomb and treasures

Unique tomb of Tutankhamun in its real size, with all treasures placed in exactly the same way as they have been discovered. Get to know the Egyptian civilization in this exceptional exhibition in Brno. The exhibition is open till March 15, 2009.



And after having visited the exhibitions, you can spend some time in the café  Bon Cafe in the centre of Prague, where you can rest and relax and enjoy the service of our friendly staff. For those coming from outside of Prague, we would like to offer accommodation in the hotels of EuroAgentur Hotels & Travel, located in the very heart of Prague or in the surroundings