EA Hotels join in Earth Hour

Date: 14.3.2014
Very soon switch off the facades of EA Hotels. We want to show our interest in environment, where we live.

This years´ Earth Hour will take place 29th of March, since 20:30PM to 21:30PM. In that time switch off all lights of hotels´ facades. We believe as many others participiants of this project, that this gesture revives interest in excessive consumption of electric energy by companies even individuals. We are going announce this action to our hotel guests and prepare them on this news.
Earth Hour is worldwide project and „the dark“ will succesively touch the whole earth – from Fidji to Samoa island. Last year in Czech republic supported it about 140 towns, 120 companies and thousands individuals. Of course many monuments, sights and historical buildnigs such as Prague Castle and Dancinig House added also.