IQpark exhibition at Hrubá Skála is extended

Date: 23.9.2013
EA Chateau Hotel Hruba Skala since the summer hosts a traveling interactive exhibition. Until the end of October you have the chance to test your skills and discover new things. Tie your tourist routes with mental trips.

This exhibition and fallacies comes from a known iQpark Liberec, which is a popular destination for school trips and families with children. Thanks to the project iQpobyt no longer have to go to Liberec, but you can try imaginative exhibits on the premises of the 2nd courtyard and tower EA Chateau hotel Hrubá Skála. Imagine that you're at the show, where you can touch and take your hand everything and not only that - you have to figure things out. "This is not test of knowledge, but a free-form interactive action. Handling exhibits actually causes the reverse reaction and leads to better results and encouraging learning principles, which are based those phenomena," say the organizers of the event. The aim of the project is to provide especially parents with children, grandparents with grandchildren, but also academic and special interest organizations working with children and youth, new content leisure and entertainment with playing and learning.