EA support the Visual arts

Date: 28.11.2012
Ramada Airport Hotel Prague recently introduced the beneficial project supporting young artists.

The project starts with the young Ukraine painter Ivan Klymenko who graduated from the School of Arts (1992-1996) and from the Art College (1997-2009) in Zaporozja, Ukraine.
Together with his major in design, he has gained even more experience in the advertising and decoration area between the 2001 and 2004.
The collection of Prague´s views of Ivan Klymenko, now presented at the Ramada Airport Prague, was created especially for this project and uses various techniques as oil on canvas or graphics and pastel. 
You are very much welcome to visit our hotel Ramada Airport to not only to see and evaluate this special exhibition, but we would strongly encouraged you to buy some of Ivan´s works, if you would have liked them.

For more information on the art exhibition project please contact our Ramada Airport Prague reception.
tel +420 220 111 250 email reception@ramada-airportprague.com