The best Czech chess player David Navara and Indian grandmaster Pentala Harikrishna trained in EA Downtown Hotel ****

Date: 22.11.2012
D. Navara is in the world ranking on the 24th place. P.Harikrishna is on the second place in India, 8th place in Asia and 59th place in the world.

(...) In recent weeks I have trained in Prague with Indian Grandmaster Pentala Harikrishna (for easy communication in Europe called Hari). The idea for the joint training came from Hari. In January next year he will take part in a major tournament in Wijk aan Zee, where this year he qualified for the main competition, which belongs to the most important chess events calendar every year. Unlike me, he wanted to prepare thoroughly for this tournament, and therefore he searched for someone  with whom he could practise. 

Have I already had similar offers, and financially much more interesting, from other people, but due to university studies, my own tournament calendar or my ambitions I usually refused. I replied to Hari´s e-mail rather evasively, but I came to the conclusion that it may not be a bad idea. The whole matter I consulted with Pavel Matocha and thanks to his support and help we managed to provide good conditions for training and Hari´s accommodation. Thanks for hospitality deserves as well Mr. Josef Bara, General Director of EuroAgentur Hotels & Travel and the Downtown hotel staff. This hotel belongs to EuroAgentur hotel chain and provided not only accommodation for Hari, but also a suitable conditions for training.

The Downtown Hotel is located in central Prague, close to Wenceslas Square, in the street, which did not change during recent prohibition its spirit name "Rye Street". Hari with his girlfriend during his first stay in room 312. When he returned after a week, he stayed in room 212, just one floor below. I joked that the next time will be accommodated in the room 112, after that somewhere in the ground floor, and finally in the restaurant in the basement. But no next time is on the agenda(yet?). We trained in the conference room, which provided good conditions for the game. (...)

Excerpt from the blog of David Navara