Summer Letna - Letní Letná

Date: 19.8. - 2.9.2012
Summer Letna - 19.8. – 2.9. 2012 is a multimedia cabaret-style performance, full of the excitement of new circus and intelligent humor

International Festival of new circus Summer Letna 2012, is held in Letna Park 19.8. – 2.9.2012. Mix of new circus, music, theater, dance and acrobatics - this is the ninth year of an increasingly popular summer cultural event in Prague.

Canadian group of 7 Fingers, with the production of La Vie will be the main attraction of this year's festival Summer Letna. The performance combines circus arts with cabaret, dancing and live music. Entertainment associated with physical performance in the form of juggling with diabolos and rod, acrobatics in the air, on the people, with scarves and chains will certainly be an unprecedented spectacle.

French ensemble Cirque Galapiat will present a project called Risque ZérO, where the main role plays risk and danger. Six actors will present juggling with cones, knifes and hatchet, and acrobatics on a pole and in the air.

Lacrimae Cabaret is the work of three companies - Circus Cirkör from Sweden, Cahin Caha from France and La Cirk Putyka from the Czech Republic. This is the upcoming debut for next year, which this year will performe 25 minutes of the performance of each company.

Part of the festival Summer Letna is a children's festival school for children 6 to 15 years called Summer Letňák. Children in form of "suburban" camp are taught the basics of acting, juggling, art activities and work with the voice with the best experts from relevant professions.

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Summer Letna - Letní Letná 2012