15 days to go to the Olympics, EA Culinary Team is ready!

Date: 24.07.2008

On 24.7.2008 it's only 15 days to go to the start of the Summer Olympic Games. As you already know, EuroAgentur Culinary Team is going to travel to the four-star Gloria Plaza Hotel in Beijing to provide catering in the Czech House located in this hotel.

Everything has been prepared and now our employees are only thinking which things to pack.

The best of the best have been chosen to provide and represent the Czech gastronomy and our company. Let's have a look at the names of the chosen ones and the exemplary dresses for this prestigious event:

ukázka oděvů číšník a kuchař

Josef Bára         CEO Central seat of EuroAgentur
Karel Mejtský         F & B Best Western Hotel Kampa
Valter Ležovič         F & B Best Western Hotel Selský dvůr
Petr Vondřich Executive manager        Bon Café 
Ľuboš Herko        Chef EA Art Hotel William
Martin Novák        Chef  EA Hotel U královny Elišky
Miloš Kuba        Chef Best Western Hotel Kampa  
Václav Hvězda          Cook EA Hotel U královny Elišky
Aleš Bína         Cook Best Western Hotel Kampa
Miloš Bříza         Cook Best Western Hotel Kampa
Tomáš Musil       Waiter EA Business Hotel Jihlava
David Rott       Waiter EA Hotel U královny Elišky
Petr Štigler       Waiter Best Western Hotel Kampa
Petr Novotný       Waiter EA Business Hotel Jihlava
Jan Brožek       Waiter EA Hotel Classic Lány