EuroAgentur at the Summer Olympic Games 2008 in China

Date: 19.12.2007
We provide gastronomical services in the Czech House

Hotel Gloria Plaza v PekinguThe Summer Olympic Games in Peking are approaching and so is our departure for this unique sports event.

Our company has won a competition for providing gastronomical services in the Czech House which will be situated in the four-star Gloria Plaza Hotel in Peking. In the fourth floor of the hotel, there will be a Czech restaurant for VIP guests and our sportsmen company.

At present, the preparations of menus are culminating. Normally it wouldn't be anything unusual, but in Peking it's another thing. We are going to bring the major part of groceries and other equipment with us. Can you imagine if we found out in Peking that we had forgotten something important at home? Yes, Czechs always manage to sort out everything, but in China it would be quite tough. That's why our preparations are precise and we are doing our best to make it all work perfectly.