Get to know Prague

Date: 9.8.2011

Course of this year summer is ideal for visits of cities and getting to know them. Changeable weather of more colder character does not entice the tourist to the water, but it is ideal for visits of historical sights, cultural, social nad occasional events.

Prague offers its visitors a wide range of possibilities how to spend their free time by learning something new, visiting historical, cultural or social sights and places.

We have prepared for Prague visitors several interesting walks which have been created on the basis of experiences of many Prague visitors. Let be inspired by our by offer, let yourself lead by a map with marked route, orientate according to enclosed photos and shortly get to know local history.

Prague offers everyone what they are looking for. Many interesting things which either have a long history of organizing or are organized at once are prepared for Prague visitors.


In Prague you can enjoy different rides, trips, tours. Here is something for your inspiration:

  • Horseback riding – Prague has several riding halls, they have ponies for kids
  • Horse carriage ride – in the city centre of Prague several tours in historical carriages are available
  • River trips - on the Vltava river there are various options for a trip from pedal to steam boats
  • Bicycle rides – many bicycle rent companies, rent Segway – drive around Prague with adrenalin
  • Sightseeing tour bus – get on and get off whereever you want to take a look at something
  • Historical tram ride – sets you back to the past, which had its special atmosphere
  • Historical car ride - renewed glory of old time cars
  • Electric train ride around the city or in the ZOO - minitrain from which you will see things you won´t on foot
  • Funicular ride – it saves you many steps getting on the Petrin hill
  • Go-kart ride – outdoor and indoor tracks
  • Bobsleigh ride – popular entertainment for the whole families