Cultural events in Prague

Date: 27.4.2011

In June 2011 many great concert events will be held in Prague and its surroundings. Let’s enjoy culture and “combine business with pleasure “. We recommend you to visit the following musical events with your family or friends and enjoy unforgettable moments in some of our Prague hotels.

For those of you that preferr more tranquil, classical music we would like to recommend a concert of Cecilia Bartoli, one of the most popular opera singers of recent years, held on the 9th June 2011 in Dvořák’s Hall.

Those that enjoy hard and modern music cannot miss seeing a concert of Iron Maden and Korn on the 11th June 2011 at the airport in Milovice close to Prague during the Sonisphere 2011 event.

June 19 2011 - Bryan Adams, non ageing rock star, will have a concert in famous Prague’s O2 Arena known for its excellent concert events. We recommend accommodation at
our EA Hotel Jasmin which is located around 700 meters from O2 Arena. There is a parking lot at the hotel.

June 29 2011 - legendary Ringo Starr will have a concert in the Congress Centre in Prague together with his music band and you can remember the most famous songs from Beatles.

July 2 2011 -  in the Municipal house you can listen to famous film melodies during the event  Prague Proms 2011: Hollywood Night - Oscar Winners. There will be songs from films such as Philadelphia, Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid, Out of Africa etc.

You can get accommodated and relax in our Best Western Hotel Selský dvůr located close to the city centre. This romantic family hotel surrounded by greenery will welcome you with its relaxing atmosphere. In our peasant restaurant with garden atrium you can enjoy various delicacies prepared on a lava grill.

Start the summer music season and let’s get tuned up before the summer holidays!

Bryan Adams