Chess Grandmaster in Kampa

Date: 09.07.2008

Morozevič vs. Navara

During 2. - 8. July 2008 a training match between Alexander Morozevič, the world's number two chess-player and David Navara, Czech best chess-player, was held in the facilities of our hotel Best Western Kampa. The visit was organized by Prague Chess Society. Alexander Morozevič, Russian Grandmaster, is one of the most original chess-players in the world and according to the statistics also the best Grandmaster in blind match.

After the first four games Morozevič was leading 3,5 - 0,5, the score in the first halftime was the same as six weeks ago when Navara encountered Vladimir Krajník, Russian Grandmaster. Morozevič won overall 4:2. The match was very important for our player David Navara as a preparation for his August tournament GrandPrix in Russian Soc.

The match wasn‘t open to public, but it was filmed by Česká televize (Czech Television Channel). The programme "V šachu" is going to be broadcasted already this Friday 11.7. 2008 at 6:30 p.m. on ČT4-Sport Channel.

Morozevič vs. Navara