President Sarkozy in Prague

Date: 16.06.2008

June 16, 2008 Prague welcomed Mr. Nikolas Sarkozy, French President, on historical first visit. His two airplanes landed around 11:00 a.m. at the international Ruzyně Airport in Prague.

Mr. Nikolas Sarkozy arrived to Prague to speak with Mr. Topolánek, Czech Prime Minister, about the future of the EU. At the end of the meeting they signed a declaration and an action plan of strategic partnership forming a base for the long-term cooperation of the Czech Republic and France. After the meeting they both had lunch at the Valdstein Palace.

Our company EuroAgentur Hotels & Travel had the honour to prepare a gala banquet in Ramada Airport Hotel Prague for the delegation accompanying Mr. Sarkozy on his work journey in Europe.

Already at 3:00 p.m. both of the planes took off and Mr. Sarkozy set off to continue in his next journeys in Europe.