Prague Museum Night 2008

Date: 09.06.2008

Pražská muzejní nocFifth Prague Museum Night takes place on June 14th 2008 from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. The whole project is again organized by the National Museum. The anniversary 5th Museum Night in Prague is again going to offer non-traditional night presentation of national cultural heritage accompanied by rich programmes. The 5th year of the Museum Night will attract both the Prague citizens and numerous visitors from outside of Prague to visit various cultural institutions - museums, galleries, cultural monuments and other places of interest. 25 institutions and 51 entities is going to participate in this event and present their exhibitions or new features. Admission to all sites which take part in the Museum Night is free of charge, with exception of City of Prague Museum, City Gallery Prague, and objects of Prague Information Service and Vysehrad National Cultural Monument.

Prague Museum Night further offers numerous accompanying events - concerts, theatre programmes, film projections, art performances, guided tours, displays of unique exhibits and curiosities, lectures and discussions.

Transport is for free during the Museum night - it only concerns special museum transport.

The whole event is connected with general presentation of the Czech capital. Prague becomes a part of other European metropolises which present their cultural heritage in this non-traditional and attractive way.

Accept our invitation to this extraordinary event after which you can relax in our central EuroAgentur Hotels in Prague, located in close proximity to the museums and cultural-social events.

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Pražská muzejní noc   Pražská muzejní noc   Pražská muzejní noc

Pražská muzejní noc   Pražská muzejní noc   Pražská muzejní noc 

Pražská muzejní noc   Pražská muzejní noc   Pražská muzejní noc

         Pražská muzejní noc