Roadshow Russia

Date: 23.5.2008

Martin Bezchleba - šéfkuchař Best Western Hotel Selský dvůrAn exceptional event to promote the Czech Republic will be held during 14. - 28.6.2008 Roadshow in Russia on the Trans-Siberian railway Moscow - Vladivostok. The actual time of driving on the railway is 164 hours (8 days and 7 nights) and the distance is 9 298 km.

The Roadshow program is focused on promoting the beauties of the Czech Republic, on the possibility to visit various tourist destinations, significant national and UNESCO monuments and last but not least on promoting the Czech gastronomy. Our company will promote the Czech gastronomy by preparing delicious culinary specialties.

All-day meals for the participants of the Roadshow and refreshment during press conferences will be provided by our professional chief. EA Culinary Team is in charge of preparing this gastronomical event and Mr. Martin Bezchleba, chef of Best Western Hotel Selský dvůr, is going to represent our company right inside the train during this event.

There is a reason for having chosen Mr. Martin Bezchleba. He has studied at JVL (Jídlení a lůžkové vozy - Dining and sleeping cars) and after his studies he traveled as a cook althrough Europe and the Far East. These 10 years spent "on the tracks" has brought him valuable skills and experiences and now he is going to repeat "the experience". When he came to know about the Roadshow, he recalled one of his principles: "I don't salt on switches". And then he adds: "At my age (40) I am always at the beginning, always learning new things. Gastronomy is in constant development and I am really curious how the technology of preparing meals inside the train is progressing".

His willingness and enthusiasm to learn new recipes, ways, technologies, national specialties and unusual ingredients has brought him to the Italian peninsula Gallipoli, where he was learning to prepare Italian meals and in return he was teaching the local cooks about Czech and international cuisine.

Recently he took part in a trainee-ship: a one week program "Cook with us" held in Swiss St. Gallen under the supervision of Mr. Hans Sistek, master chief of „Am Gallutzplatz" restaurant. During such programs carefully chosen cooks from all over the world learn to cook the Swiss specialties. 


Roadshow route:

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