EA Culinary Team

Date: 20.05.2008
EA Culinary Team was founded in 2007 in order to coordinate the preparation of culinary specialties in our hotel and gastronomic facilities. Their task us to prepare recipes and menus, to train cooks in preparation of breakfasts, banquets, parties and meals for other events.

At the beginning of the foundation, the chiefs of our restaurants couldn't imagine what kind of work is waiting for them in the near future. Right after the first meetings, setting up goals and trainings for preparation breakfasts for different nationalities we got great news - our company EuroAgentur Hotels&Travel was chosen to provide gastronomic services in the Czech House in Beijing during the Summer Olympic Games in 8.-24.8.2008.

Since that day we have started intensive preparations - composition of menus, preparations of ingredients (some will be sent to Beijing and some will be bought directly there) and complete organization of this event.

Apart from this event, we had other important news. Our culinary team was in charge of providing gastronomic services during the 48th session of World Tourism Organization UNWTO in Prague in 14.-16.5.2008. Our team has done a great job - we had the possibility to prepare meals for the delegates of this international event (welcome toast in Restaurant and Beerhouse Vojanův Dvůr, gala dinner with medieval program in the Knight's hall of BW Hotel Kampa, gala evening in the Spanish Hall of Prague Castle and good-bye evening cruise on Vltava River).

At present, EA Culinary Team is preparing another important catering event - railway Roadshow in 8 Russian cities. This event will be particular - all refreshment, meals and banquets will be prepared right inside the dining car of the train. Our team is going to prepare meals for the whole delegation during the ride through the cities, refreshment during presse conferences and gala banquets.

As you can see, our EA Culinary Team is working very intensely. Apart from being part of the Culinary Team, the cooks also work in our hotels or restaurants. Some members regularly take part in gastronomical competitions and win medals.

The management of the company appreciates the work of EA Culinary Team - their observance of tasks, high-quality kitchen management, creation of unique recipes and preparation of prestigious events.

The motto of our EA Culinary Team is: „love your work as much as you love eating - o:)"

Culinary Team