Gift voucher – Gift of experience for your loved once

Date: 16.12.2010
Thinking about the perfect gift with flexible possibilities? Try to surprise and give a gift requiring imagination to your loved once. Candlelight dinner in case they need to reconcile and bury the hatchet, chocolate massage for an aching back or, tennis weekend with friends from high school. Your friends might not be ready to go anywhere this month. How do you help them plan a spring vacation? Let us try to fit such diverse gifts into a single idea.

EuroAgentur Hotels & Travel gift vouchers will solve your dilemma.

All the great goods disappear from shelves very fast and Christmas shopping requires great patience. Our hotel company wants to inspire you with quality gift vouchers offering wellness and sports vacation packages of your choice. The employees of our 49 hotels and 13 restaurants in the Czech and Slovak Republic will guide you through accommodation and restaurant choices, show you how to enjoy jacuzzi and healing mud at a spa.

Choose your gifts wisely and bring your family to have some fun with us!

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