Karel Skreta Exhibition - His Work and Era

Date: 22.11.2010
Prague's Castle Riding School and Wallenstein Riding School are hosting the exhibition of the Czech Baroque painter Karel Skreta. On the occasion of his 400th anniversary the National Gallery prepared the magnificent spectacle that introduces Skreta's paintings collected from churches, galleries and private collections from the period of 1610-1674.

The event will host the Czech President Vaclav Klaus, CEO of the National Gallery in Prague Prof. Milan Knizak, Chairman of the Senate Premysl Sobotka, Prague Archbishop Dominique Duk OP and representatives of the Prague City Hall.

Karel Skreta is considered the father of Czech Baroque. He was talented, very rich and therefore unpopular among friends, but highly respected 17th century Czech painter by experts. Many famous paintings in the house happened at the Prague's Fruit Market house, Skreta's atelier. The exhibition will show the painting Apple game that was first attributed to Nicolas Poussin. The image draws on the apple theme of ancient myths and only the today's modern research ascribed it to Skreta. The second picture is the Portrait of a young man and even though it carries the inscription of the author on the back of the painting, it is not most likely his work.

"His Work and His Era" exhibition of Karol Skreta offers the most extensive tour of works of this important artist, and will run from 26 November 2010 to 10 April 2011, supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

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Výstava Karel Škréta - Doba a dílo