EuroAgentur enjoys holidays in Czech Republic

Date: 27.10.2010

Share your holiday experiences from the Czech Republic with us! Advise others where to go, what to see and enjoy. Our job is to help you with accommodation.

That is the tone of voice we engage our supporters on the social networking site Facebook. We joined the site under the name "We enjoy holidays in the Czech Republic" (Baví nás dovolená v ČR) at the beginning of October 2010.

There are more and more new supporters joining our site every day. As for now, more than 220 fans had the opportunity to communicate with us daily about the beauty sites of Czech Republic and share their vacation photos and actual news from their hometowns.

You will be the first to know all the news from the Czech tourism such as private sauna rooms in our newest EA Hotel Tereziansky dvur in Hradec Kralove, ideas told at the travel agencies conferences, which castles are hunted, and where you can jump into a perfectly warm pool on Wenceslas Square. Our first supporters sent us holiday pictures from the Lipno Dam, and we replied with an actual season openings from interesting Czech sites.

We realize we burden our fans with a huge temptation just to sit on the bike and ride the Šumava cycle trails, or visit wine cellars in Moravia... However, we believe we all deserve to collect new experiences at the best seasonal prices we can offer.

We look forward to our active dialogue and new ideas.

Discover Czech Republic with us!


facebok - Baví nás dovolená v ČR