600 Years Anniversary of Prague's Astronomical Clock – A Vibrant Heart of Prague

Date: 8.10.2010

For already 600 years have all the Prague's visitors been admiring a living heart of Old Town Square. Prague's Astronomical Clock is situated in a historic part of the city, a precious cultural UNESCO heritage.

A significant anniversary birthday will be celebrated on Saturday, October 9, 2010 from 7.30 to 10pm.

The south side of the Town Hall will come alive with 2D and 3D visual projection, showing the mysterious history of the legendary clock.

Computer animation will present the construction of the clock dated from the early architectural plans, to the stonework of Peter Parler, up to a calendar board placed by Josef Manes. Visitors to Old Town Square will be able to virtually look into the bowels of the clock. Projection will recall the major dramatic events - the Hussietes' Wars, Czech execution of Lords, to the damage of the clock during the liberation of Prague in 1945. Screenings will begin every 30 minutes after the promenade of the Apostles.

Legends talk about the authorship of the clock which has long depicted the movement of celestial bodies in the sky around the Earth and measured several kinds of time-the old German (Central), Old Bohemian, and the time of the Babylonian star. The calendar plate was a part of the clock in the Middle Ages already.

Who does not know the legend of Master Hanus, who got blinded by some Prague council men so that he could not build another similar machine anywhere else? His revenge was that he stopped the clock for many years to come. According to various sources, the construction of the clock was ultimately attributed to a clockmaker Mikuláš of Kadan.

The specific information about the date of the statues of the Apostles construction belongs to another secret legend. Prague's astronomical clock is broken down into four parts, the Apostles appearing in the facade of the high sphere. The Reaper, which pulls the bell, the Turk- an allegory of lust, Vanity and a Miser are revived with the movement of Apostles. The immobile statues of Astronomer and a Chronicler on the right and, Philosopher and Archangel Michael on the left appear at the calendars also. A stone angel and the crowing rooster complete the windows of the Apostles.

Prague's Astronomical Clock