Famous Musicians in Prague - autumn 2010

Date: 21.9.2010
Sting Performer Sting, along with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra has extended its global tour of several European stops and will perform at the O2 arena on September 22,2010 in Prague. Sting introduces his most popular songs, modified with symphonic arrangements. Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra will be conducted by Maestro Steven Mercurio (Pavarotti, Bocelli).
Guns N´Roses Guns N 'Roses returns to the Czech Republic after long four years. American rockers will perform on September 27, 2010 at the O2 Arena. Besides Greatest Hits Guns N 'Roses will also present excerpts from the latest album Chinese Democracy. The band, led by a eccentric singer Axle Rose, has sold 90 million worldwide records.
Alexandrovci Alexanders, the Russian Army Orchestra is preparing its biggest tour in the Czech Republic with fourteen concerts altogether. Alexanders will perform in 12 cities, along with the Czech guests Petra Janu and Ales Brichta from September 21- October 9, 2010. According to the organizers, the performance will be monitored by 70,000 spectators. Alexanders added the 14th show that will take place on October 7 in Prague Tesla Arena at 2pm. There will be three concerts in Prague altogehter.
Carlos Santana One of the most successful guitarists ever, a Mexican native Carlos Santana will return to Prague after six years this autumn. A musician with a forty-year career and celebrating his 63rd birthday soon will perform at the O2 Arena November 17, 2010. The newest instrumental studio achievement of the musician who became famous for his fusion of rock and Latin music with many other styles, is a five years old album All That I Am.
Deep Purple After more than a year, the legendary British hard rock band Deep Purple is coming back to the Czech Republic. They will perform at O2 arena October 26, 2010. They play at the Olomouc skating rink the day after. The famous band has already introduced itself many times in Czech Republic, their last performance happened on May 4 last year in Prague. Their fans can enjoy the classic of discography of Deep Purple and a large portion of hard rock and the typical and unmistakable sound this October.