Prague gets a star in Hollywood

Date: 17.8.2010
The Church of St.Nicholas is a place where a Frankenstain-like monster is being traded for a princess in Van Helsing movie. In Chasing Liberty is the US president daughter played by Mandy Moore and, she is fighting for freedom in Lucerna's Big Hall. Night time Wenceslas Square is a star in a helicopter flight over the city in Blade.

XXX movie plays with an imaginary staircase at Municipal House. The agent hides at the Prague's castle, steals the motocycle towards Powder Gate, jumps on a boat and escapes under the Jirasek and Legii bridges.

The historical jewel Prague is the biggest star of all the Czech actors who ever got the opportunity to be a part of any Hollywood production.

That is probably the reason why is an American actor Tom Cruise coming back with a director Brad Bird to shoot another sequence of Mission Impossible 4. The return of the production is highly probable. The first sequence of Mission Impossible I. was shot in Prague in 1996 and was also included in a script.

European producers will film 12 parts of the European television series House of Borgia in Czech Republic.

Even the famous Star Wars director George Lucas thinks about using Prague as a location in his newest movie project. French director Sylvain Fusée is filming a historical, 16th century movie called Philibert at Barrandov studios these days.

Foreign movie production companies often hire Czech professionals from Barrandov studios like camera men, lighting crew or, sound technicians. The business is going to be favorable for Prague's best hotels and restaurants. There are two billions of Czech crowns available to be spent on movie business in Czech Republic nowadays. That is three times more than the last year. Prague's photogenic streets will get Czech Capital city on the movie screen again.

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Tom Cruise - Mission Impossiblle