Google Street View in Prague

Date: 21.10.2009

Prague has its own Google Street View – it was a hot internet news on the day 7.10.2009 for many Czech and world media. On the third birthday of Czech Google its users got a nice gift not only for fun, but also for image information and for work and business. Google Street View currently covers Prague, but it is supposed to be expanded to some other Czech cities untill the end of the year.

Our company uses Google Street View on its websites in order to bring our customers more visual information about our hotels and restaurants, transport connections, hotel surroundings and other tourist tips. We are glad to be one of the first in the Czech travel branch to support the project Google Street View and we are one of the very first to implement this new tool on our website. Google Street View is a great addition to Google Earth and Google Maps that lets you virtually walk around our hotels and restaurants.

Google Street View - Hotel example