Halloween – Prague in autumn

Date: 19.10.2009


In the autumn time the nature gives out its products, the harvest time goes to its end, leaves are becoming coloured- resembling a painter's palette of golden, red and brown – the nature is getting ready for a long winter sleep.

Days get slowly shorter, the Indian summer brings big temperature differences between cold nights and warm sunny days. The popular Halloween arrives, which has its roots in the Celtic culture. This annual holiday has gained its popularity in the USA thanks to the European, in the first place Irish immigrants.

Halloween is celebrated during the night between October 31 and the first of November. This magic night is believed to be the smallest gap between this world and the otherworld of death and it is celebrated in many countries of the world in different ways.

The most familiar symboles of Halloween are curved pumpkins with lights inside and mystic gifts and surprises for the nearest and dearest, which are considered as a funny matter. Homes are often decorated with the elements of the autumn season such as scarecrows, corn husks and dry grass.

In the Czech country Halloween has no real tradition, these days people celebrate the Day of the Dead, or All Souls‘ Day. Due to the customes people come to their ancestral graves, decorate them with flowers and candles and think back on them.

Halloween and the All Souls‘ day is actually the time to stop and to rewind in the last sun, enjoy warm days of the Indian summer and to prepare for the winter.

Enchanting sun light is spreading over the coloured forests and golden hills, Halloween and the All Souls‘ Day are just some more reasons to slacken your life pace and make some time for relax and fun.

We invite you to Prague to admire the decorated squares, streets and shop windows. Many people appreciate the autumn time the most, so try to find its magic as well. Enjoy long walks through the romantic Prague with its parks and mysterious corners, visit the ZOO or go to listen to one of many excellent autumn concerts in the city.

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Autumn in Prague