Restaurant Peklo

adr Strahovské nádvoří 132/1, 118 00 Praha 1 (map)
gps 50°5'7.742"N   14°23'20.538"E
tel +420 220 516 652

Contact person: Jan Chaloupka
Business hours: daily 12 AM - 11 PM
Payments cards: VISA, Maestro, Master Card, Diners Club, American Express, JCB

The wine cellars at Strahov were originally held by the Premonstratensian Order. Though the first mention of the cellars dates back to the 12th century, the premises became famous later in the 14th century when King Charles IV brought grapevine from France. In spite of the unfavourable local weather conditions, the Premonstratensians skillfully cultivated high quality grapes with a flavour equal to those grown in France. As a reward, the Premonstratensians were given a coat of arms by the King himself; a casting of this coat of arms hangs now behind the bar in the restaurant.

Naturally, Charles IV. himself remained faithful and frequent guest at the restaurant (it’s no secret that wine was one of his weaknesses).

And why is the restaurant called „Peklo" (Hell in English)? Because the original vineyards, located above the restaurant, used to be called "In Paradise". And therefore logically there has to be Hell under Paradise.

In fact, Paradise continues to exist above Peklo even nowadays. Open in the summer months, the outdoor dining area above Peklo in the Strahov courtyard is called "V Ráji" (In Paradise). While Peklo is a luxury restaurant, Ráj offers more casual environment, lower prices and a different offer of meals - ideal place to relax after a long sightseeing walk.

In the present, Peklo restaurant belongs to the most famous gastronomical facilities in Prague.

Please feel welcome!

Restaurant Peklo

Restaurant Peklo  Restaurant Peklo  Restaurant Peklo  Restaurant Peklo

Summer Garden Ráj

Summer Garden Ráj  Summer Garden Ráj  Summer Garden Ráj  Summer Garden Ráj