Pizzeria Lužan

adr Lužické náměstí 211, 408 01 Rumburk (map)
gps 50°57'3.822"N   14°33'22.599"E
tel +420 412 332 616

Business hours: MO - TH 11 - 23
FR - SA 11 - 24
SU 11 - 23
Places: 100 seats
Offer: Italian and Greek cuisine, daily specials

Visit of Pizzeria Lužan is a stylish and gastronomic experience. It offers a wide selection of Italian and Greek specialties, salads, pasta and meat dishes. You can taste 32 kinds of pizza, whose preparation you can follow in the restaurant where is also located the furnace. The wine lovers can expect a wide range of international and Moravian wines. In summer it is also possible to sit on the terrace. Pizzeria has capacity of 100 seats and can also be used for hosting banquets, private parties and corporate events. In a stylish environment of the Pizzeria you will to not only enjoy good food, but also you will feel very well there.

We wish our food not only treated your stomach, but also your heart.

Every top chef will confirm that the basic prerequisite for great food is good quality, natural and are freshly prepared ingredients. Therefore many ingredients we prepare continuously to in order to maintain the full value and undisturbed taste. This of course requires more time-consuming preparation, which, we believe you will also kindly understand. Our goal is food that is not only tasty, but also will do you well, so that the meal is something more than just calorie content. Everything what our pizzeria offers to you is prepared from the highest quality and fresh ingredients, such as where the good food is not a question of profit, but of a personal joy and matter of the heart.

Your chef and team of Pizzeria Luzan

Pizzeria Lužan